Providing a bridge between the past and happily ever after.

Kitty Kat Haven foster parents provide temporary homes for one of our adult cats before adoption.  Providing a foster home is a wonderful and personal way you can contribute to saving homeless pets.  Kitty Kat Haven cats need extra love and care before they can be adopted.  By providing foster care for a few days, weeks, or months, you can be a giving a lifesaving gift to one of

these unique cats.

  • Fostering gives our cats a chance to get used to living with a new family. Of course, taking a foster pet into one’s home, loving him/her, and then letting him/her go requires a special kind of person.
  • Fostering will help prepare our cats for adoption into a loving home or proving a terminally ill cat with a loving home at the end of their lives.  We currently have two types of fosters regular and hospice.

Click here to learn more about our hospice foster program – Lease For Life.

Kitty Kat Haven has specific procedures in place for screening potential foster homes. If someone is interested in fostering a KKH cat, the prospective foster parent is asked to submit an application.

Click KKH Foster Application to download the Kitty Kat Haven Foster Application.

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