Lease For Life

“Lease for Life” Hospice Foster Program

When temperately last forever….


We believe every homeless companion animal deserves to have their “happy ever after’s”. Elderly cats with a high-quality life deserve to spend their golden years with a family who loves and cherishes them.


To educate people in the area for life-long illness and terminal illness in our companion cats and place our “extra” kitties in forever homes. Cats with an illness but high-quality of life still deserve a family and life filled with love, comfort, and mutual companionship.


  • To match our “extra” special seniors with incredible foster families who are willing to open their hearts & homes and are eager to love, spoil and cherish these cats. Every cat’s final days should be with the ones they love. 
  • To educate people on the topics regarding life-long feline illness and terminal illness. Cats with a disease but high-quality life still deserve love and care and can live rich, fulfilling lives.

The foster family works hand-in-hand with our veterinarian at no cost to them.  We pay for all medical supplies and each cat comes with their own set of environmental enrichments based on their unique personalities and needs.

Hospice care is not about giving up and it is not the last resort.

Here are some benefits of fostering an animal: 

  • Foster parenting pets can be flexible, fun, and rewarding!
  • It is a great way to enjoy a pet if you are not in a position to make a lifetime commitment.
  • If you are considering adding a new pet to your family, but you’re not quite sure the animal will be a good fit, fostering can be a great way to find out.

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