Kitty Kat Haven is made up entirely of volunteers; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We gladly welcome any spare time that is given to our organization.

If you or anyone you know would like to become a volunteer please contact Valarie Filer at KittyHavenWa@gmail.com or message us on our FB page and Valarie will get back to you.

Kitty Kat Haven Volunteer Opportunities

  • High school & College students – We always welcome students who pick our rescue to complete required hours. As a volunteer, you would be able to see how a non-profit animal rescue works. We only ask that the project you pick to complete while with us will benefit our rescue.
  • Cat care – We have spots open to clean the cat building and socialize with our cats. As an animal care volunteer at Kitty Kat Haven, you will help with day-to-day operations. As an added bonus, you will get to socialize and spend quality time with the cats. We take in adult cats, and unlike kittens, they have a hard time adjusting to change. It is essential that all of our cats have positive interactions with people. They are shy, scared, or mourning a loved one who has passed away. Our building is located on private property in Chehalis WA; you will get our address after you sign-up to be a volunteer. You can help out at our Program Center in downtown Chehalis during our weekly adoption days.
  • Adoption follow-up caller – You will contact adoptive families to help ensure that the adoption is going well and the adopter is happy with the cat, or facilitate problem-solving/troubleshooting if there are problems with an adoption.
  • Events – Most of our events take place March through September in Lewis County. We have fundraising, educational, and adoption events. We are currently looking for volunteers who exude a warm, engaging, and hospitable demeanor when interacting with the public. Event volunteers could be responsible for some of the following – the care of our cats while at the events, handing out raffle tickets, keeping out refreshment table stocked, handing out brochures, answering questions about the rescue, as well as setups & breakdowns.
  • Foster Families – We are currently looking for foster families to temporarily house and care for one or more cats. All you need to provide is a safe, clean and loving environment, plenty of TLC, and make sure the cat has a clean litter box and fresh food and water. Check out our  Foster Care Program Information.
  • Photographer –  As a Kitty Kat Haven volunteer photographer, you will play an instrumental role in helping cats rescued by KKH find their forever homes. The KKH cat building is located on private property where potential adopters can meet cats in person. We are by appointment only, so having good quality photographs of each cat for their adoption profile is an essential part of helping cats find their forever homes.
  • Board members – The Board supports the work of Kitty Kat Haven. and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance.  As a board member, your partnership and involvement are critical to the organization as a whole. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about Kitty Kat Haven’s mission. We hold quarterly meetings. Board member are required to regularly volunteer with the organization.
  • Outreach/Marketing Coordinator – We’re currently looking for one or two volunteers who have warm, engaging and hospitable personalities. As an outreach coordinator, you’ll be networking within our community in search of partnership, event, and grant opportunities. You’ll be expected to attend most of our events and handle our public relations.
  • Social Media Coordinator – We’re looking for an accountable and professional social media coordinator to help with our social media and website. Kitty Kat Haven is a young, local, all-volunteer non-profit. We’re growing at a steady pace, and we’d love to bring someone on to help us better communicate our cause via our online presence.
  • Fundraising Coordinator – As part of our team, you’ll be responsible for creating and implementing fundraising events. This may include but is not limited to; contacting local events, contacting local businesses, grant research and writing.
  • Construction / Manual labor–This is a great opportunity for a group of volunteers. These projects could be as basic as planting or painting; however, those with additional skills may be able to help in more advanced work like building cat furniture. Projects are usually decided upon based on funds and weather, but feel free to use your own initiative and suggest projects.

For more information, you can contact Valarie Filer at:
E-mail: KittyHavenWa@gmail.com
Phone: 360-304-1457
Facebook: @kittykathaven