Kitty Kat Haven

Giving 2nd Chances to local, adopt–challenged adult cats. While taking the time to find forever homes.

Providing a bridge between the past and happily ever after.

Kitty Kat Haven foster parents provide temporary homes for our cats.   By providing foster care for a few days, weeks, or months, you can be giving a lifesaving gift to one of our unique cats.

Fostering helps us take in emergencies, provide extra one-on-one care needed, prepare our cats for joining us at our sanctuary, adoptions, or become the final family for terminally ill cats.

We have 3 types of foster

  • We provide basic needs for the cats in their care.
  • We provide all medical care, special diets, & monthly flea treatments.
  • They can keep a cat for as long or short as they want; we ask that they drop the cat off for events or meet & greets if they don’t want people to come to their house.
  • We ask them to check in with us regularly and give us information regarding the felines in their care.
  • Emergency foster care short term usually no more than 2 weeks.
  • We supply everything for the family and give them a date for when we can place the cat somewhere else or can come to the cat building. In the past, we have had people offer to take a sick cat and keep it while they are still on medications or need to heal from something.
  • “Lease for Life” fosters, takes, and cares for the cat for the remainder of its lifetime.
  • They get beds, furniture, and any other enrichment items their cat likes. We put them on our vet account under their cat name to take them to the vet whenever needed.
  • We supply all medically related items, like supplements, RX, and RX food.

To learn more about our hospice foster program – Lease For Life

How to get started

 Kitty Kat Haven has specific procedures in place for screening potential foster homes.

All cats must be cleared by our veterinarian before going to someone’s home, with the exception of emergencies.

People must first interview with us. We ask about the type of foster’s they are interested in, their home environment, and what expectation the foster families have regarding our rescue.

We then try and match them up with a cat needing placement.

Still, have more questions about our Foster Program? Feel Free to contact us.


Mailing Address:
Kitty Kat Haven
PO BOX 306
Chehalis, WA 98532

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