Kitty Kat Haven

Giving 2nd Chances to local, adopt–challenged adult cats. While taking the time to find forever homes.

At its core, Kitty Kat Haven’s mission is to help local at-risk adult cats in Lewis County, Washington. While in our care, our cats are cared for through safe, loving, and clean environments. We help restore their emotional & physical health. 

Kitty Kat Haven Cat Programs​

All of our cat programs have an overall mission of Taking and helping Adoption-Challenged adult cats.


Creating “Happy Ever After” stories one cat at a time! 

Giving Adoption -Challenged cats a 2nd chance at getting their “Happily Ever Afters.” We work with adult, senior, geriatric, and special needs cats who need more time and attention than typical shelters can provide.


Providing a bridge between the past and happily ever after. 

We have 3 types of foster -Regular, “Lease for Life,” & Emergency.


Lease For Life

When temperately last forever….

We believe every homeless companion animal deserves to have their “happy ever afters”. Elderly cats with a high quality of life deserve to spend their golden years with a family who loves and cherishes them. 


About Our Sanctuary

   Everything we do here at KKH is done in the best interest of our cats.  We strive to keep each of them happy, healthy, and comfortable while in our care.

Our Building is equipped with lots of safe places, to rest and sleep, have human interaction, play with colorful toys, and roam around the outside cat enclosure.


Adoption fees are $150.00 unless otherwise noted. 

  • An adoption folder
  • Veterinarian exams based on age & health
  • Current vaccinations
  • Spayed/neutered
  • De-wormed treated for fleas
  • Microchipped 
Kitty Kat Haven Cats

 All new cats must be tested for FIV/FeLV, before coming to our cat building. Once a cat has been admitted into Kitty Kat Haven, they are scheduled to see our Veterinarian.

  • Preventative care against parasites,
  • Microchipped

Wellness exams based on

  • age/ behavior issues
  • medical issues
  • Vaccines
  • Any medical work-ups recommend 
  • spay /neuter if needed

Lease For Life

When temperately lasts a lifetime…

KKH cats with life-long or terminal illnesses should be able to have their Happy Ever Afters as well. Our Lease for Life program strives to provide that happy ending even if only for a short time.



Foster- Regular & Emergency 

Providing a bridge between the past and happily ever after.

      Some of our cats need extra love and care before they can be permanently placed or join the rest of the crew at our sanctuary. Kitty Kat Haven foster parents provide that for them.

    We can currently only accept…

  • adult pet cats 
  • adoption-challenged – cats who difficult time getting adopted in high intake shelters or rescues with limited resources to care for these cats in need.

    To see if a cat is eligible for one of our programs, visit our owner surrender page for a complete list of intake requirements and surrender inquiries.