How you can Help

There are lots of ways to help Kitty Kat Haven even if your life is crazy busy and money’s tight.

Super Easy Quick Ways to Help – 5 minutes or less

  • Tell people you know about what we do. They might end up helping us too or knowing someone who is looking for a cat.
  • Suggest that friends and family on Facebook “like” our  Facebook page
  • When we post something interesting or cute (like our cats) on Facebook take a second and share it with your friends & family via your Facebook feed!
  • Mention to people looking for a cat that they need to check out our Adoptable Cats page
  • If you are posting a picture of a cat you have adopted from us or are fostering for us, mention/tag Kitty Kat Haven and where possible, give a link to our webpage and/or Facebook page. This will help us get the word out about our cats and help us find new forever and foster homes.
  • Instead of gifts ask for donations to be made in your name to Kitty Kat Haven. That way you won’t have to return it later or worry about dusting it! You can even set up your own Fundraising page through GoFundMe charity!

Almost takes no time at all – A bit of time here and there

  • Do you have a cat? Consider fostering one or two of our cats – two is not much more work than one and many kitties really enjoy the company.  Check out our foster page to see if it’s for you. We have several different types of foster families. 
  • Do you or a friend own a store or work in a retail outlet? Is there a vet clinic or pet shop in your neighborhood? If so, please consider placing a Kitty Kat Haven donation box on the counter? Depending on the amount of traffic, these boxes will be emptied anywhere from once a week to once a month.
  • Make some crafts and donate them to Kitty Kat Haven to sell at our Program Center and events to raise funds for our programs. Enjoy doing your hobbies and help our cats out at the same time! Contact us at If you can help out.
  • Have an idea of something else you can do that can help us out? Check out the rest of our website and if we haven’t thought of the idea, drop us an email to tell us your idea.

VOLUNTEER – Kitty Kat Haven is made up entirely of volunteers; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We gladly welcome any spare time that is given to our organization. CLICK HERE for volunteer opportunities

DONATE – Kitty Kat Haven is 100% donation & volunteer-based, we rely solely on donations to maintain our services. We have several different Ways to Donate and help our rescue continue its vital programs.

Kitty Kat is run solely by donated money, time, and resources.