Here is the information needed for surrendering a cat to Kitty Kat Haven. 

If you are  another local animal organization and are  interested in partnering with us, please mail us at For owner surrender (including strays) please read the intake requirements and  then fill out our pre-surrender application.

   Everything we do here at KKH is done in the best interest of the felines. We strive to make each of them happy, healthy, and comfortable while in our care. Now, we do currently have space in our rescue sanctuary.

Due to space limitations, we can only take up to 4 cats per household. To ensure the health and wellness of our current residents as well as your incoming cat(s); these requirements must be met before surrendering your cat to us: 

Surrender Requirments

The cat must be an ADULT pet that also be…

  • 10 months & up.
  • MUST be people-friendly.
  • Lives within 45miles of Chehalis
  • Tested for  FIV/Felv ($55 at scatter creek in Rochester), this is a BLOOD TEST with -/+ results, you will need to bring results at the time of surrender.

Minimum fees (per cat, unless told otherwise) are due at the time of surrender….

  •  $75 for a cat that is spayed/neutered, under 10yrs, with NO known medical & behavioral history
  •  $125 if the cat is a stray, over the age of 10yrs OR has any behavior issue.
  • $150 if a cat has any medical, behavior issues or un-spayed/ un-neutered cat.

Please fill out our Pre-intake form, so we can get all the information needed to move forward with our intake process.   

   Any fees and donations help with the cost of the initial vet visit, and any other initial medical treatment required, as well as preventive care for your cat.

Once accepted into one of our programs

You will be asked to fill out our  Cat history Form.

  • Bring bedding that smells like “home” (can place an old towel on their favorite spot & bring it) and anything that is “theirs” to keep.
    • Litter box, food/water bowls
    • Pet bed or furniture. 
    • Brushes, toys
  • A container of 1 month’s food they are used to eating. 
  • If on any medications, or Rx food, you MUST BRING at least 1 month supplies it since it will help us keep them on whatever they are until our Dr. examines them.
  • Email Medical records, or bring them with you.
  • Veterinarian contact information for your cat.
  • Current on vaccines is a plus but not required.

We want to make this transition as easy & stress-free as possible for your cat.

 Please print out our intake requirements so that you can make sure you have everything we, and your cat, need at the time of surrender.

We do intakes between 1 pm – 5 pm, Wednesday – Fridays, and some weekends. As long as our director Valarie is available.

Appointments are required for surrenders and visits to our Cat building.

We want to help you, during this tough time.

You can reach us directly At:

Phone: 360-304-1457

Forms & Handouts