Penelope, AKA – Peepers, 16 yrs, F/S, has Hyperthyroidism and UTI issues. Joined us in March 2019; her new mom chose her in April 2020

Penelope joined us because, although small and sweet, she is an Alpha kittie and was attacking her other furry roommates. Peepers LOVES people and seemed to be perfectly happy to be Queen of the cat building. She would come up to visitors to get petted and tell them about all the other cats in the building.  When COVID shut everything down, and the volunteers stopped coming as often, she got so depressed she made herself sick and was losing weight.

UPDATE – Having Penelope in our home has provided us with much-needed comfort and companionship during this exceptionally difficult time. She is an easy-going, quiet, cuddly kitty with several hilariously adorable personality quirks. Because her favorite activity is sleeping on human laps, she often helps me slow down, sit still and relax (she does not take kindly to having her lap naps interrupted, so it’s best to stay put:).  Just being able to hold this tiny, fluffy being has eased my anxiety immensely.