Kittie 8yrs, F/S, indoor only, on a VERY restricted diet – Kittie is our VERY SWEET shy, well-manner girl in desperate need of a family. She has a very laid-back personality and welcomes affection; once you win, her trust. Kittie is an excellent companion once she has gotten comfortable with her family and surroundings, and […]


Walter Senior, M/N, early stages Kidney Failure Joined us in September 2020 his new mom found him in December 2020


Penelope, AKA – Peepers, 16 yrs, F/S, has Hyperthyroidism and UTI issues. Joined us in March 2019; her new mom chose her in April 2020


Ed,  17yrs  M/N, early stages Kidney Failure. Joined us in September 2019; his new mom chose him in November 2019


Felix  14yrs, M/N has eye issues and Hyperthyroidism Joined us in February 2020; his new mom choose him in May 2020


Emily AKA Tabby – 16 yrs, F/S, Has Hyperthyroidism. Joined us in August 2020; her new mom found her in December 2020